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Business & Intellectual
Property Valuation
While intellectual property is a crucial business asset in today's information-driven economy, the World Intellectual Property Organization has suggested that standard accounting practices may not adequately establish the actual value of intellectual property rights. As a result, intellectual property assets are often undervalued, insufficiently protected and under-exploited.

Establishing the value of commercial and personal assets is essential in many legal activities including merger and acquisition transactions, negotiating deal terms, and supporting litigation efforts. We bring our operational expertise and broad industry experience together with detailed analysis of financial information to provide accurate and objective valuations.

Additional Business & Intellectual Property Valuation Services Include:
  • Assessment of Financial Metrics in Valuation of Intangibles
  • Assessment of Useful Life of Intangibles
  • Calculation of Patent Infringement Damages
  • Identification/Valuation of Cash Flow Streams Attached to Intangibles
  • Transfer Pricing Models/IRS Section 482
  • Valuation of Intangibles
Our valuation services include support for the following:

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