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J. Allen Kosowky takes great pride in being a small, accessible firm with big-firm capabilities. It helps to have a principal with more than four decades of experience in forensic accounting and litigation services, but equally important is the ability to leverage the latest case management technologies so we can offer a nimble, hands-on approach to every client and case we handle.

Unlike firms that sell you on the experience and reputation of their principals and then leave most of the heavy lifting to an upstart, we make use of time-saving, scale-expanding technologies to ensure we can provide you with all of the benefits of our expertise from the early days of discovery through the trial to the verdict.

In addition to proprietary software we have developed ourselves to facilitate timely and accurate data analysis, we also make use of some of the latest commercially available technologies to streamline processes and safely manage data:

LexisNexis® CaseMap®: LexisNexis® CaseMap® fact and document management tools improve organization, collaboration and communication, allowing our experts and support staff to share information in real time, as well as to thoroughly assess the strength of the case at the earliest stages. Sensitive and proprietary information are kept secure, but always at the fingertips of the legal team, which can especially useful in intellectual property cases, insurance claims disputes and business valuations.

AccessData® Forensic Toolkit®: This e-discovery platform facilitates efficient forensic data storage, analysis and management from discovery to review, ensuring no critical information is lost and that analysis is accurate and comprehensive, especially in cases where time and information security are crucial.

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