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Forensic Accounting
J. Allen Kosowsky's Forensic Accounting practice has achieved a national reputation for providing investigative accounting support to law firms in a variety of federal and state court matters, arbitration and mediation proceedings. We also provide critical support to defense teams in their responses to inquiries and investigations by regulatory authorities.

Our team analyzes complex financial and accounting issues and presents findings in a manner that is credible, persuasive and readily understandable by counsel, judges, jurors, arbitrators, executives, and other participants involved in contentious and investigative matters.

Our proven skill in evidence evaluation ensures our clients an accurate and highly detailed process. Our comprehensive understanding of corporate, financial, accounting and legal issues enables quick and accurate data analysis, reconstruction of the relevant accounting, tax and financial scenarios, and a thorough explanation of consequences. We help clients avoid protracted litigation and work to arm counsel with forensic findings that present the strongest possible case in the dispute resolution process.

Providing forensic services requires significant expertise, and our business model ensures that matters are managed by a seasoned professional with over 40 years of experience with complicated financial, tax and litigation analysis. We deliver comprehensive expert services quickly and cost-effectively.
Forensic Accounting
Services Include:

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