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Whether in the trenches of a courtroom or a firm's war room, our presentation is credible and clear, helping us achieve the best outcome for our clients.
Kovel Assignments
A core competency of our practice is serving as a Kovel accountant in both civil and criminal matters, assisting lawyers in developing a case and evaluating potential defenses. Our team has substantial experience partnering with some of the nation's premiere white collar defense teams in criminal tax cases and investigations. We are actively involved at every stage of the litigation or investigation process, from examining and developing a defense against the Governmen's case, to delivering expert testimony. In civil matters, we handle situations involving tax and financial issues and are similarly experienced at offering expert testimony at depositions and trial.

From a bet-the-company dispute involving Fortune 100 organizations to a dispute over the dissolution of a family business, an expert witness can have a profound influence on the outcome of a case. Identifying the right expert, however, is often a complicated matter. Serving as an expert witness requires not only a complete grasp of multi-faceted, complex issues, but also requires the ability to distill, clarify and communicate complicated matters in simple, accessible and concise language. Our understanding of courtroom procedure and the role of expert witnesses is the result of our involvement in dozens of cases in state and federal courts and other tribunals.
Areas of expertise include:

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